Danish Business formations for LLC, Unions, Funds, and Stock Companies and EU EXPO service

Business Formations in Denmark by THE ATTORNEY & AUDITOR COOPERATIVE

We refer to qualified Attorney and Registered Accountant companies in Denmark. We can do all kinds of formations in Denmark, EU and elsewhere. We have been in the business since 1983 and are now 52 referring partners with more than 1.400 years of joint experience.

You can simply jump to the page: Register for FORMATION of a Danish Company, Fund or Union or call +45 321 77777

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Services for Business formations and running a business in Denmark

  1. Tax advice based on Blue Sea Jura that adheres to TAX’s binding responses, control signals and the laws of the country that companies or you belong to
  2. Accountant Statements
  3. Annual accounts and VAT accounts for Danish and Offshore companies
  4. Consolidated financial statements for holding companies and offshore companies
  5. National and Offshore Tax returns for businesses and individuals
  6. Association accounts for associations and foundations
  7. VAT account, tax and administrative payments such as salary and holiday payment
  8. Advisory and accounts for foreign Danes who own Danish properties
  9. Preparation of full or partial Business Building projects
  10. Creating a bank account in Denmark or Offshore
  11. Creating Business Plans for Banking Approvals
  12. Creation of operating budget, establishment budget, liquidity budget, and partial accounts
  13. Bankruptcy Advice by liquidator or trustee intermediary and Financing proposals as well as restructuring as Reconstructor
    Contact to independent third party assessors for sale between companies and deposits
  14. Debt settlement and Debt minimization as well as general advice on Debt and handling letters from tax or eg.
  15. Independent assessments of projects, property, cars and IP rights
  16. Establishment of companies with Deportation Deposits (Insertion of values ​​as opposed to paying with cash deposit)
  17. Advice and support for boards and directors
Our offices in Herlev, Copenhagen and Aarhus. Call +45 32177777 if you wish to visit us and at the same time it is the address service we are offering.

Who are Metropolinternational.com and Advokat & Revisor Samvirket?


We do Legal Advice, Financial statements, formations, tax advisory, salary payments and all kinds of normal activities such as address service and export and business advisory. If you wish to start a business in Denmark, you will need to follow all the Danish rules. Businesses in Denmark can guide you to which rules to follow free of charge.

If you are an individual or a business from an EU/EEA country, you can start a business in Denmark without any restrictions. In some situations, you may be required to start a company in Denmark, e.g. if you or your business is active in Denmark for more than 6 or 12 continuous months, or if you take up a residence in Denmark. Here you can learn more about the most typical rules for you to follow.

As a foreign company established in Denmark, you must pay VAT in Denmark when you sell goods and services. In some cases, your company must also pay Danish taxes on any profit generated by your company.

If your company has employees, it is your responsibility to withhold the Danish tax and labour market contribution from the wages that you pay to your employees for the work they carry out in Denmark.

How to register for VAT?

You have to submit the application for VAT registration in Denmark at the latest 8 days before you start doing business in Denmark. If you do not submit the application in time or not at all, or the information that you have provided is not correct or insufficient, you may be sanctioned with a fine. Offcourse we do any services for you.

How to register your company?

You can simply jump to the page: Register for FORMATION of a Danish Company, Fund or Union or call +45 32177777

  • Along with the registration application, you must send a copy of your passport, if you wish to be registered as a sole proprietor or a copy of the company’s registration certificate in your home country if you already have a registered company within the EU.
  • The registration certificate with the File number of the Danish CVR/SE-number will be sent to the noted postal address.

Payment of TAX and VAT registration

When you have registered your company for Danish VAT, you must declare VAT for each VAT period. Information about the VAT period is given in connection with registration. You must declare VAT via the Danish Tax Agency. If you forget to declare your VAT, the Danish Tax Agency will automatically assess the VAT amount you have to pay. You will also be charged a fee and interest rate if any.

List of ALL taxes in Denmark

  • 22% TAX for affiliates of other companies
  • 22% Private owned ApS, A/S, PS (LLC) and Stock owned companies
  • 0 % Tax (Tax free Holding Structure) for Holding Companies from daughter companies in other EU countries
  • Around 38% Income tax minimim if you live and work in Denmark
  • 8% AM Arbejdsmarkedsbidrag (Labor market contribution)
  • 25% MOMS which is VAT (Value added tax)
  • For Danish Unions and Funds, you pay 0% tax and can deduct 25% VAT if you are VAT registered, then you also need to ADD 25% VAT on invoices.

You must pay your VAT when you declare your VAT. Payment is made by international transfer. The Danish Tax Agency will inform you of the account, where you must pay your VAT.

If you have a bank account in Denmark (Nemkonto) you can pay your VAT via online banking or via Nets (PBS). If you want to pay VAT via Nets (PBS), you have to apply for it in the TastSelvErhverv.

What is the TAX for any business activities in Denmark?

It is 22% tax for any kind of companies. Some activities is without tax such as Psychology help, Health Care, Education, Public Transportation, Art, Land and properties. Sales of properties are taxfree and vat free when you lived there.

When you as a foreign company do business in Denmark, you must, in some cases, pay tax in Denmark on any profit generated by your company. This applies if your company establishes:

  • A place where the company is managed
  • A branch
  • An office
  • A factory
  • A workshop
  • the building, construction, assembly or installation work, or a supervision company in the company in connection with these works over a certain period of time. The time period depends on the individual agreements between Denmark and your country. Normally the time period is between 6 to 12 months. If your business activities in Denmark exceed this time period, your company will be regarded as established permanently in Denmark.

When do you have to deregister your company?

If you stop doing business in Denmark you have to deregister your company within 8 days. This means that you close your company in terms of VAT. You can always request the same VAT number if you decide to do business in Denmark again. You can also deregister your company for some of your duties, for instance, your duties as an employer, without closing your company.

You can close your company or deregister for some of your company’s you need to contact us on +45 32177777, we will send English declaration where you have to send a Power of Attorney to us to close or deregister your activities as that is not online yet.

Salary and tax deduction of employees in Denmark

When you establish a company in Denmark and you have employees that carry out work in Denmark, you must register as an employer. If you already have a Danish company or Fund, Union as a CVR number then you need to contact us on +45 321 77777 as this is not in English yet.

When you have registered as an employer in Denmark, you must deduct tax and labor market contribution of 8 % (in Danish called AM-bidrag) from each wage payment. You have to declare and pay the tax and “AM-bidrag” to the Danish Tax Agency on a monthly basis.

Our consultants can even find employees for your company and also make the administration of your company.

Some professions require that you apply for apostille, authorization or do a registration/notification by the competent public authority in Denmark before you start your activities in Denmark.

EU Service and EXPO, Hannover Messe and CEBIT services

  • We are not just in Nordic Countries but also Germany and United Kingdom and we are authorized EXPO Partner for the biggest tradeshows like CEBIT 2022. Our offices in Germany is around 2 kilometres for the Hannover Messe and CEBIT shows.
  • Our services and phone numbers are here:
  • DENMARK: Smedeholm 11-13, DK-2730 Herlev, Copenhagen, Tel.: +45 32177777 ext. 240
  • JYLLAND: Inge Lehmans Gade 10, DK-8000 Aarhus C., Tel: +45 31951111
  • FINLAND: Erottajankatu 15-17, FI-00130 Helsinki City, Tel.: +358 92316 9999
  • ESTONIA: Rotermanni 6, EE-10111, Tallinn, Tel.: +372 712 1400
  • LATVIA: Dzirnavu iela 57A, LV-1010, Riga, Tel.: +372 712 1400
  • SWEDEN:Östermalmstorg 1, 114 42 Stockholm, Tel.: +46 8559 22220
  • SWEDEN: Hyllie Stationstorg 31, 215 32 Malmö, Tel.: +46 214950222
  • NORWAY: Rasmussen A/S, Apotekergata 10, NO-180 Oslo, Tel: +45 321 77777 ext. 144
  • GERMANY: Rasmussen GMBH, Willy Brandts Straße 23, D-20457 Hamburg, Tel: +45 321 77777 ext. 144
  • POLAND: Marszałkowska 126/134, 00-008 Warsaw, Tel: +48 22 219 7000


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