Address Service / Mailbox Service

Address Service with mailboxes for companies and private individuals

We refer you to our partners where can you have addresses in 87 countries. We offer addresses at leading law firms in the EU and most of the world. You pay only a minimal rent, which is cheaper than Regus, and can use addresses in Denmark and abroad. Many different services are offered, and you have access to offices and/or meeting rooms of the highest quality with all facilities.

Also, there is possibility to receive free coffee and attend in paid lunch and some places also dinner. All the facilities like overhead projector, big screens and meeting facilities are usual free to use, but have to be pre-booked.

We are also supporting your business in each country and take care of all your customers, dealers and the TAX authorities if you wish.


  • 100% legal representation for groups and multinational corporations in the EU and the rest of the world
  • Address service with scanning and further distribution of mail/parcels and letters with receipts. Get a scan per. email daily for inquiries by phone, post or inquiries on the address
  • You can thus protect the private address and avoid customers coming to you
  • The addresses can be used on your invoices, letterhead, and business cards, etc.
  • Also use our meeting rooms for impressive meetings with all facilities incl. host with breakfast, lunch and possibly evening meals for 1-500 meeting participants.
  • Packages can be picked up in the reception while at work from 09:000 until 17:00 daily.
  • Foreign offshore companies can have our Danish representation and Accounting services
  • Addresses with their own mailbox outside our fences within 24 hours 365 days a year
  • If a customer visit your company, they will have a cup of coffee while we call you and they can leave messages for you, you will get per. email, fax or SMS.

Price lists for address service by prepayment 1 year

Address Service alone (you pick up mail/parcels yourself)999,-
Scanning and forwarding mail to 1 or more email addresses499,-
Appendix: Own 24 hours physical mailbox on our house wall with keys (Installation DKK 995, -)995,-
Secretarial service that corresponds in your company name from 9-16:30 per month995,-
Creating gold phone numbers, for example, with 4 or 5 identical numbers. e.g. 77777725 or 32177777 from2.495,-
Your own phone number per month in operation (best number is given) it has multiple facilities like transfer, SIP truncating and welcome message with menu and music.199,-
Secretarial service round-the-clock service per month surcharge. They will answer your phone calls in the languages you desire. There is an additional cost of 50 dkk pr. Call and it is documented by your own subscription.995,-
Company address (for companies in business registers) supplement from349,-
Telephone switchboard with automatic answer, music and changeover, English speech for foreign calls, etc. Prices includes the subscription also and a mobile phone also. The start fee is 1.995,- as a one-time set-up fee.499,-
Answer with show number with your landline number e.g. 77777725 from your selected gold number or normal number.0,-

For Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Malta and the USA, surcharges apply when using the addresses of companies or associations, etc. If you want to pay 4 x annually, the price is 25% higher. In some countries, there is only a full payment for 1 year, otherwise you pay 4 times a year. Subject to change © by

There is added 3% in index adjustment every year by new invoice.
Price list is ex. 25% VAT and applicable from 01.05.2022 for Postal Address Service.
All VAT in each country is fully deductible from the TAX Authorities.

THE ATTORNEY & AUDITOR COOPERATIVE has locations with Danish management in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Malta, Turkey, USA (in all states), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and many more.

Who are we?

Metropol International and THE ATTORNEY & AUDITOR COOPERATIVE is a collaboration that refers to national and international accountant and lawyer assistance, accounting services, administration, and corporate operations around the globe. Today, the association network counts 2.500 employees in 75 countries. Our partners and partners to whom we refer are all seniors (at least 45 years old) with at least 10 years of experience in Law, Auditing, Business Advice and Tax Advice.

Our Partners and clients

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