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If you wanna study the different working permissions and VISA types that we can supply, then please have a look at SCHENGEN VISA.

If you need a personal meeting on our offices or further info, please call +45 321 77777 ext. 240

For work of any kind and Job-Seeking VISA

We can make working permission and VISA in order for you to enter the job market and search for a job, that does match your qualifications.

For students

We can supply an ordinary study VISA for most schools in EUROPE. Please fill out under note which study you wish for, and please include LINK for that. There are different kinds of admission demands, educational demands and also a quota system in most educations, where many quota B students can be foreigners.

As a Consular Service Provider to embassies and Consulates, we started our operations in 1983, and in 2003 we unified in Frederiksgade 9. Now we are available in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Nanny and Au-Pair and contract for host families

The SCHENGEN VISA is for 2 years. For Aupair, it does include accommodation and all meals at the family.

For the Nanny it can be either living with the family or the job-provider will ensure accommodation for you.

For both types of jobs, we will ensure that you get a yellow card for health insurance and doctors e.t.c. for free.

We also do supply the host family contract within the EU through our partner network.

For marriage and family reunification

It is important you provide us with the intention/wish of your application. We are on your side. So if you want a tourist visa, but wish to work, then please tell, or you wish to be married so we can find the possibilities which are available for you. Most marriages are denied in Denmark, but we know how to go to a foreign country to be married. If you don’t tell anything we can not provide you with our knowledge. For marriage wishes or family reunification, it is very unpleasant to receive a NO, simply because the reason for the stay or the type of visa is wrong, or if you only have one solution and no plan B. In such cases it is possible, you only have 14 days to leave. That will be stated in a letter fra Siri or Udlændingestyrelsen.

For general SCHENGEN VISA – please fill out this form, and attach any documents by pressing attach documents.

Re-entry Visa and abuse of Schengen Visa rules

The length of the working permissions and VISA is for 1-5 years. For all types of current Schengen VISA, we can make a re-entry VISA, which allows you to stay in all SCHENGEN countries including the NORDIC countries. It means if you are an au-pair, nanny or student, then you can have a re-entry for up to 10 years of extra staying with the possibility of becoming a citizen or receive a permanent staying permission in one of the EU countries.

So every year you work within the EU (27 countries) counts as a year in most countries including Denmark. For some RE-ENTRY VISA, we will provide a job as well through our partner network. The job can be all kinds of jobs in all of Europe, and you can then decide which job, which is best for you and in which areas. Re-entry VISA’s are only for people who wish not to leave the current country and in many cases, you do not need to leave the country. The Re-entry Visa is a combined VISA, where we can see that there is not enough time to make a new Visa.

The same goes for overstayed or abused VISA. Once we make a new VISA for you, you can even go into a country from which you have been expelled and have to pay a fine, without you have to pay the fee. It means you can freely travel in and out of airports in the country with any passport and police control.

For Jobseekers

Your qualifications do not matter, like no education, no school or no experience. Of course, it limits your possibilities. But since the employers need workers in many areas, it does not matter, at the moment. There are many job types who do not even require English. But mostly you need to speak English fluently.

  • For other types of VISA please look here.

We do provide the best VISA in the Nordic countries with:

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