Schengen VISA standard Consular package

Schengen VISA standard Consular package

We can supply a consular SCHENGEN VISA SERVICE package including;

  1. SCHENGEN VISA SERVICE ADVISORY: All immigration law advisory, contracts, legal matters and assistance in many countries in terms of immigration law and easy changing of one VISA type to another, so that you can stay in your preferred or current country
  2. THE VISA SERVICE PROVIDER: More than 28 VISA types as available as a tourist Visa, business Visa, internship Visa, study Visa for a low cost, re-entry visa (for an expired visa or you want to stay when a visa or passport expires), religious Visa, au-pair Visa, PhD Visa and Visa’s for EU citizens, the positive list and the minimum earnings unless covered in this page.
  3. EXPIRED VISUM / OR DENIED VISA: Re-Entry VISA in the case of an expired VISA, expelled cases with a fine for re-entry, forced repatriation of a person, partner or kids.
  4. GREEN CARD cases in such we can take care of any rejection and even if there is a 14 days leave the country letter, we can make a re-entry VISA so you can relocate to Sweden, Germany, Baltikum or many other countries on the EU/EØS country list.
  5. MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RE-UNIFICATION: Family Re-Unifications in the case of Marriage, kids, extended studies or any further business VISA. Even if VISUM is EXPIRED or denied.
  6. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS VISA SERVICE: Business Re-Entry Schengen Visum including a Job or for formation as director or member of the board in companies.

Direct contact with the embassy and consulate or VISA Center

We can take care of all communication between the authorities and you. We also do take care of any contacts to embassies and general consulates or VISA Centers around the world.

We also are members of many fasttrack, red carpet and ribbon programmes for a better quality and/or faster service.

Visa denied cases and asylum cases by our refugee attorney

We do start a case by sending a protest from our Visa Center group. While it is running you can stay in Denmark. The case period usually is from 2-4 month handling time. We need all the relevant papers in order to represent you against the authorities. Meanwhile, we can relocate and search for a new VISA in another EU country and/or apply for another kind of VISA and/or apply for asylum in any EU country including Denmark.

We also do the refugee cases with assistance from our refugee attorney-at-law.

If you like for us start a cases you can do it online or call us in daytime COPENHAGEN GMT+2 with the opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10:00-17:00

For personal service in the weekends call us.

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