Top 50 of the biggest banks in the world

Metropol Copenhagen in September 14, 2010 — If you se the TOP10 banks there is a drop in assets for around 3.2 trillion $. The total assets of the top 50 of the biggest banks as a whole budged at $61.8 trillion. This has made some changes compared to the last year TOP 50 LIST of the biggest banks in the world. This years annual ranking of the World’s 50 Biggest Banks is measured again by total assets.

Company formations is a lot easier, credit is the hard part

The good news is that they have better numbers and can look forward to better times as well. Nearly all but a handful of the banks, at the top of the Global Finance World’s Biggest Banks list, have seen their assets fall over the past year as much as $3.2 trillion which is directly the number of which their combined balance sheet gives as a minus. Just to give an idea of the severity of the carnage at the top of the table. It also appears that the looser here are all new companies and upstarts, since most credit giving is around zero since the start of the crisis. As a developer and finance partner Metropol International offers international financing. It is more or less the role of the banks we have been given, due to the banks extreme credit ratings. As a partner we can offer Factoring and Financing of a credit, of equipment or a total finance of every order you may have.

China is the winner of the crisis

There are some winners and these mainly comes from China. China’s banks are continuing their march up in the ranks. China now has six banks among the world’s 50 biggest banks. These 6 banks is accounted for $6.9 trillion. Notice that this is more than 10% of the assets of the top 50. China’s biggest bank, ICBC which is one of our 3 partners in China, rocketed up the league this year from number 18 to number 11. My suggestions is that we next year in 2011 or the latest 2012 will see ICBC as a TOP 10 winner. While many Arab Banks dominate in the US as much as 10% of the total revenue of all USA together, we see that mainly the French, German and British banks is dominating the world. Many Switzerland banks has left the list during the years, as the tradition of moving to banks in other EU countries and to Delaware and Panama.

Northern Europe, Germany and Scandinavia has a strong finance sector

In our local market we have 2 partners out of 3 in the Nordic markets, which is on the list, it is Nordea A/S (SWEDEN) as number 35 and Danske Bank (DENMARK) as the number 40 of the world biggest banks. Even so the crisis is hard to almost all financial markets, the Scandinavian banks are doing well compared to rest of the list. Compared to population of Scandinavia, it is good to see two Scandinavian banks on the list.

The list and bold is formation partners

Here is the list… The banks in BOLD are our partners. We have 16 partners of 27 in total which is on the TOP50 list. By Choosing one of “our” banks we can supply you with bank accounts, online banking, credit cards for your company or privately.
The 2010 of the World’s 50 Biggest Banks
Rank Bank Country Total Assets ($b) Statement Date
1 BNP France 2,964 12/31/09
2 Royal Bank of Scotland Group United Kingdom 2,747 12/31/09
3 HSBC Holdings United Kingdom 2,364 12/31/09
4 Crédit Agricole France 2,243 12/31/09
5 Barclays United Kingdom 2,233 12/31/09
6 Bank of America United States 2,223 12/31/09
7 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Japan 2,196* 3/31/10
8 Deutsche Bank Germany 2,162 12/31/09
9 JPMorgan Chase United States 2,032 12/31/09
10 Citigroup United States 1,857 12/31/09
11 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) China 1,726* 12/31/09
12 ING Group Netherlands 1,676 12/31/09
13 Lloyds Banking Group United Kingdom 1,664 12/31/09
14 Mizuho Financial Group Japan 1,637 3/31/10
15 Banco Santander Spain 1,600 12/31/09
16 Groupe BPCE France 1,482 12/31/09
17 Société Générale  France 1,475 12/31/09
18 China Construction Bank China China 1,409* 12/31/09
19 UniCredit Italy 1,338 12/31/09
20 Agricultural Bank of China China 1,301** 12/31/09
20 UBS Switzerland 1,301 12/31/09
22 Bank of China China 1,281* 12/31/09
23 Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Japan 1,281 3/31/10
24 Wells Fargo United States 1,244 12/31/09
25 Commerzbank Germany 1,216 12/31/09
26 HBOS United Kingdom 1,165 12/31/09
27 Credit Suisse Group Switzerland 1,001 12/31/09
28 Intesa Sanpaolo Italy 900 12/31/09
29 Rabobank Group Netherlands 875 12/31/09
30 Goldman Sachs United States 849* 12/31/09
31 Dexia Belgium 832 12/31/09
32 Morgan Stanley United States 772* 12/31/09
33 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) Spain 771 12/31/09
34 Norinchukin Japan 735* 12/31/09
35 Nordea Bank Sweden 731 12/31/09
36 China Development Bank China 665* 12/31/09
37 Fortis Bank Belgium 627 12/31/09
38 Royal Bank of Canada Canada 608 10/31/09
39 Banque Féderative du Crédit Mutuel (BFCM) France 606 12/31/09
40 Danske Bank Denmark 597 12/31/09
41 Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany 593 12/31/09
42 KfW Germany 576 12/31/09
43 National Australia Bank Australia 576 9/30/09
44 DZ Bank Germany 560 12/31/09
45 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Australia 539 6/30/10
46 Westpac Australia 519 9/30/09
47 Hypo Real Estate Holding Germany 518 12/31/09
48 Toronto-Dominion Bank Canada 517 10/31/09
49 Bayerische Landesbank Germany 488 12/31/09
50 Bank of Communications China 485* 12/31/09
Source is Fitch Ratings except. *=Standard & Poor. **Agricultural Bank of China Prepared in English by Steen Clausen

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